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Early Learning Support Service

Giving parents the opportunity to gain a better understanding of child development and to enjoy supporting their own child during early learning. 

Who is it for?

The support is aimed at parents with children ages 0-4 years old, who want to build their confidence in supporting their child’s speech, communication and language skills. It is especially useful for children who may need additional support during these formative years, towards achieving early milestones.

What people say

“My child and I have bonded so well and had lots of fun with the support and activities provided to us by my co-ordinator. I have learnt new ways in which to help and encourage my child’s learning..”

Open mouthed lttle boy exploring and learning in soft play area
Little boy placing bark chipping in toy tractor in outdoor learning experience

What's it about?

Koala North West understands that parents can face many difficulties and challenges when it comes to supporting their child’s early learning. Everyone can benefit from a little help sometimes, and our ‘early learning support’ aims to overcome some of the barriers families may face.

Information, encouragement and and someone to talk to over concerns, can go a long way to improving confidence. Empowering all parents to lay those important foundations, that can make all the difference in children reaching their full potential.

Non-judgemental support is provided by our trained Early Learning Co-ordinator, or Early Learning Mentors. Various programmes are available that focus on different aspects of learning and development, giving your child the best chance to start nursery or school with confidence.

How can I access this service?

If you think your family could benefit from this service, give us a ring on 0151 608 8288 and speak to one of our friendly staff, we look forward to hearing from you.

A home visit will be arranged with our Early Learning Co-ordinator, to understand what support you need, and what we can offer.

baby pretending to call for more information on the 1001 days programme

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