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Parent Infant Mental Health Service (PIMHS)

Supporting early relationships between parents and their babies, with particular emphasis on those experiencing emotional or mental health issues.

Who is it for?

Our ‘Parent Infant Mental Health Service’ known as PIMHS, works with parents expecting a baby, who have recently given birth or their child is under the age of two. We focus on supporting those early relationships between you and your baby, with an understanding that this can be difficult, particularly if you are experiencing emotional or mental health problems.

Having a baby or young child can impact on us in many different ways. Lack of support, infant crying and broken sleep, are just a few that can adversely affect the relationship we have with our children. Accessing support early, can really make a difference for parents and their children.

pregnant mum talking to coordinator over coffee

What can we offer?

  • A non-judgemental and safe space to talk through any difficulties with a trained PIMHS co-ordinator.
  • Weekly peer support from a PIMHS Volunteer matched to the family.
  • Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) specialist support, to help parents experiencing problems bonding with their baby, or are finding the relationship difficult.
  • Specialist support to help you focus on your relationship with your baby.
  • Reduce isolation, by helping parents access community support services, where they can meet other parents and their children.
  • Support around mental and physical well-being, and positive coping skills.

How do I access support?

You can call us directly on 0151 608 8288, and a member of the PIMHS team will aim to call you back within 7 days.

Or you can speak with your Midwife, GP, Health Visitor or other health professional, and ask them to refer you.

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