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Supporting families
Every family can go through difficult times for many different reasons. To play a small part in helping someone when life has become overwhelming, is so rewarding
Supporting breastfeeding
1 in 3 woman don't breastfeed past the first 6 weeks, almost all of them wish they could have
Sessions, groups & courses
For parent, carers and their children, providing support for all in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. Support is particularly tailored to those families who have a child with complex needs.


Koala North West exists to provide children and their families with tailored practical and emotional support that improves wellbeing, reduces isolation and supports both children and care-givers to thrive.

Families are our focus

One of the strengths of our organisation is the diverse range of services and support programmes we are able to offer. Browse our snapshot review of 2020-21, and take a virtual tour of our facility here in Birkenhead, which so comprehensively allows us to meet the needs of our children and their families. Thank you for taking the time to look at our website,  and finding more about what we do. 

Steve Morgan Foundation 20th Anniversary Awards

We were delighted to get first prize for Best Volunteer Team with turnover above £250,000, which means we get a donation from them of £12,000 - which we will use to support our recruitment, development and support of our amazing volunteers.

New Horizons

Recent expansion into both Ellesmere Port and Neston, also soon to include Chester, has meant we are starting to offer our services in some of these areas too. This will be of interest to both families and potential new volunteers. Please take a look at the timetables for Wirral and Ellesmere Port.

Our values

  • TAILORING SUPPORT….All families are different. Every family receives support designed to be most beneficial to them.
  • NURTURING POSITIVE WELLBEING….We are commited to improving the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of children and their care-givers.
  • AMBITION….We want our families to thrive; we believe in offering opportunities that help children and families realise their own ambitions and succeed.
  • REDUCING ISOLATION….In an increasingly digital age, we want to ensure that families still feel part of a strong, welcoming community, who support one another and ensure they are happy, resilient and thriving.

Our Services

Koala North West believes that every parent should have the support they need in order to give their children the best start in life. Our comprehensive range of services aim to work in partnership with parents by supporting and encouraging them through the difficulties of family life.

Breastfeeding support

If you live on the Wirral and are experiencing problems with breastfeeding your baby, or maybe you are just thinking about breastfeeding or breastmilk feeding, Koala North West are there to offer you advice and support.

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